The Dayspring Difference

We adopt the Montessori Method of teaching which gives our children a firm foundation to build on. This method of teaching makes learning tangible and practical and children have fun as they learn. Our pupils become very confident, assertive and independent as a result. By age four, the average child in Dayspring has a large store of vocabulary, is able to communicate intelligently, read three to

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Once a term, before examinations are conducted, there is an open day for parents and guardians to interact with their wards and their teachers in the classroom.
Pupils are encouraged to join clubs of their choice and these include

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For more information about admisssion or about your ward at Dayspring Montessori International School, Contact us

No5.15 Damba Link, Dansoman, Control Market, Accra-West

DC 1301

PHONE (Main School):
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PHONE (Junior High)
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